Portrait of a girl


Kazimierz Alchimowicz 鹿儿岛

Portrait of a girl - Kazimierz Alchimowicz








Oil on canvas


212 cm x 140 cm

Kazimierz Alchimowicz主要以他的历史绘画和关于立陶宛过去的神话作品而闻名。然而,他在1885年画的一个女孩的肖像,显示了肖像画的天赋。这幅大画像很可能是在华沙画的,而坐着的人可能是受过教育的贵族。这是一幅很不寻常的画像,因为她看起来严肃而沉稳。构图让我们看到了一个房间:一块柔软的花纹地毯铺在地板上,一盆玛瑙植物和其他一些异国情调的植物立在背景上,一张装饰着金雕的雅致桌子上陈列着画册。这个女孩手里拿着一本打开的画册:这些画册可能是她在艺术学习之初自己的作品。她的黑色天鹅绒及膝长裙,剪得相当简单,有华丽的白色花边,黑色的鞋子和长袜颜色相同,头发系着红丝带,说明她的家庭有一种复杂而现代的品味。1863年起义后,黑色作为哀悼的标志而流行起来,并在很长一段时间内保持流行,在19世纪末变得更加流行。但这幅画中朦胧的背景和深色的装束,主要是为了表现出画中的亮丽元素:少女的脸庞和反映其艺术本质的画册。

Kazimierz Alchimowicz was mostly famous for his history paintings and for his mythological compositions about the past of Lithuania. However, his Portrait of a Girl, painted in 1885, shows a talent for portraiture. This large portrait was most likely painted in Warsaw, and the sitter was probably a member of the educated nobility. It is a rather unusual portrait, as she looks serious and composed. The composition gives us a glimpse of a room: a soft patterned carpet covers the floor, an agave plant in a pot and some other exotic plants stand in the background, and books of drawings are displayed on an elegant table decorated with gilt carving. The girl is holding an open book of drawings in her hands: they may be her own work from the beginning of her art studies. Her black velvet knee-length dress, of a rather simple cut with sumptuous white lacework, her black shoes and stockings in the same colour, and her hair tied with a red ribbon, suggest that her family had a sophisticated and modern taste. Black was in fashion as a sign of mourning after the 1863 uprising, and remained popular for a very long time, becoming even more fashionable at the end of the 19th century. But the obscure background and the dark attire in this portrait serve mainly to bring out the bright elements in the painting: the girl’s face, and the book of drawings which reflects her artistic nature.